Saturday, March 1, 2008

Who is Magic Jones?

I know alotta you readers is like:

"who is this magic jones posting on yo blog?"

"Is that yo new nickname?"

Lol, naw not at all, Magic Jones is my partner in crime when it comes to this blog sh!t because we are killing yall! We the neptunes of this..

And fyi, it is rare to catch new posts on the weekends, because we do have lives ya dig? We gotta get that money. So continue to check us out throughout the weekdays, we appreciate the love.

Upcoming this week:

  • Why the demise of Dipset is not good for Hip-hop
  • New and hot music and news delivered by Magic Jones and myself
  • A new member to the LLCY team? Uh oh.....
The movement moves on....

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