Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MJ forced 2 pay up mega bucks to ex-wife Juanita

Oh hell naw.

Due 2 the post-nuptual agreement of michael jordan and former wife juanita's divorce, Juanita has received a whopping amount of $168 million DOLLARS, one-third of mike's net worth.

Ok I kno she been around him since the 80s and I kno the big homie was doin his cheatin and all that but man... 168 million?!? No!! That aint cool @ all!! Where is the justice? I have a huge problem wit this.

She coulda been cool wit 20 mil, maybe even 60 mil but 168?? C'mon man. That's all of mike's hard earned dollars. Some of that money is my moms, my dads and my money that she got. 20 years worth... smh.... she might as well shoulda took a championship ring or two of his. And oh yea she got his 7 acre estate. Man when I heard how much she got I swear 2 God I almost screamed out @ work.

And I kno some of u r saying "oh that's nothing 2 him hes rich anyway. But imagine this:

You earn a $9,000 bonus check @ work. For all your hard work thru the years.

Then u r forced 2 give up $3000. Yes ppl you all would be mad so shut up and feel where I'm comin from. Maybe that's y Jordan Brand is goin hard next year with all the retro packs and the 23s price of $230 a pair. Lol- KM

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bulls fans chant "Kobe" in the house that Jordan built

CHICAGO – As the second half of the Bulls 101-71 loss to the Toronto Raptors wore on, the United Center crowd expressed its displeasure with everything from boos to chanting the name of disgruntled Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

Wowwwww. The sports fans of chicago wants kobe now I mean who wouldn't tho no homo. But how in the hell does a dude get chanted in arena when he's not even there!! That's star power. Kobe's tha man- KM

T.I. Leaves a Paper Trail

Looks like newly house arrested T.I. (Who can only allow 3 visitors @ a time, and must obtain background checks b4 visiting) has been spending time his wisely.


"A representative for the Grammy-winning artist, 27, says he has already completed six new tracks in a studio inside his Georgia home. T.I. hopes to release the disc, which he’s calling Paper Trail, in September 2008. The album’s title refers to the fact that T.I. is writing his new lyrics down — a practice he abandoned after his 2001 debut, I’m Serious. Each of his four subsequent albums, including this year’s T.I. vs. T.I.P., was composed without the aid of pen or paper. “He wanted to take more time to really put something down [this time]."

That's good 2 hear. I bet he has a lot on his mind this album. Can't wait to hear it.- KM

Sunday, November 11, 2007

R.I.P Donda West

My thoughts & prayers go out 2 Kanye and his family

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jim Jones and Juelz Santana not "Exclusive" enough

Whatever the reason may be, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana were denied access to Chris Brown's Album Release Party at Tenjune in New York earlier this week. TMZ was there as the drama unfolded. An irritated Jim Jones is overheard asking, "where Chris at" shortly after being denied. The two Harlemites then made their way out, shaking up the red carpet backdrop in the process. "Ya'll stop taking pictures before I f**k one of ya'll n****s up," Jones warned the paparazzi. Needless to say they immediately stopped flashing. Lol

Them niggas must not be BALLIN hard enuff...

Friday, November 9, 2007

Cam'ron: Public Enemy #1

This past summer and some of fall, hip hop fans began 2 ask where was the dipset honcho Cam'ron? The last time we seen him he was on youtube in his vacation home backyard standing poolside holding a dwade sidekick promising that it would be a "hot summer" for all his foes. Well, the summer was indeed hot but not because of Killa. He was officially M.I.A. Noone knew if he fell off the earth, not even jim jones who even confessed that him and cam, who were always seen together, haven't spoke in a year. All kinds of rumors started 2 fly around. People even began 2 speculate that he was even kicked out of dipset. Because every1 knows that I was a dipset fan, ppl even asked me where was cam, and this time not even I knew the answer.

Rewind 2 weeks, if u remember my past post about cam resurfacing again with a new mixtape on the horizon coming nov 7. Fast forward 2 weeks to 2 days ago (nov 7), Cam's Public Enemy #1 mixtape, a double disc, is available all over the net for free. I got mine a day later thru my lil bro Jeremy (dbd). I immediately pop it in my computer and the 1st track what else? Killa talkin shit for a good 6 minutes answering everybodys questions. He reminds people he is still the owner of dipset. Cam then dispelled all the rumors calling them "felonious", laughed off the rumor about him getting punched in the eye by roc-a-fella artist Tru Life, about where he's been (takin care of his moms in florida who suffered from a series of strokes) and where he stands with Jim Jones, and goes on 2 explain that he wishes Jim the best of luck and hope him goes all the way 2 the top.

He even details his run-ins wit the New York Police Department Intelligence Division, when they asked him if the beef wit 50 cent was real. He mocks:

"How am I gonna beef wit somebody that is with yall all the time!?"

He then explain about how the NYPD intel ran into him again at the airport asking him where he was goin, about how they saw him on youtube and what exactly did he mean by a "hot summer", where he said he asked them:

"Why are yall watching youtube?"

And then he speaks a lil on 50 again:

"How yall actin like Curtis do not need police? How yall actin like I aint named this nigga album: Curtis?! Ya been hoodwinked! Ya been bamboozled! Niggas talkin bout I'm missin...."

The intro was rather funny I always said cam was a rapper/comedian. As far as the rest of the cd, he reminds all cam fans alike why they fucks with him no homo. Blazin beats, catchy lines and shows he never lost a ounce in the swag tank with lines like:

"Fuck work I'm like biggie smalls, eye lazy"

"For them dry stones, fenes slept outside of my home for 2 days like I had the iPhone"

"I walk in Niketown and tell em wipe me down"

The mixtape has almost 40 songs and over half of them are quite listenable. It boasts wit features from Dipset artists Hell Rell, Jr Writer, Freeky Zeeky, A Mafia and I think 40 Cal was on one of em. Nope, Jimmy nor Juelz was on any song, but on Jimmy's jay-z mock-mixtape, Harlem american gangsta, which came out a day b4 cam's, doesn't feature Juelz or Cam also. So in conclusion, cam didn't dissapoint this time. If anything this was a good tool 2 give the streets somethin and 2 get ready for his upcoming album in 08 which dipset fans will be waitin for. Lets jus see what 50 has 2 say about cam's return, cuz u kno its coming. - KM

Thursday, November 8, 2007

LeBron: "Can a brotha get some help?!"

Last night LeBron James notched a triple dub, but again...Tito, Jermaine, Jackie and Marlon ain't do nada to help him, as the LeBron 5 lost to the Jazz by a bucket. Damn, LeBron... I'm just waiting for you to say, "HELLO, BROOKLYN !" (LBJ 2 Ny Knicks in 2010, remember Kiyoshi said it)

D Wade the ladies man, but still married man

From what I'm hearing Dwayne just cant keep it in his pants no homo. He's been linked from everyone to Gabrielle Union, to Ciara. Usually the gossip train runs virtually every celebrities name thorough the mud. But it's when the rumors star to t become consistent that you've got start paying attention.


Rumor has it that Siohvaughn Wade traveled back to Miami from her hometown (Chi-town), where she has been hiding out for a while with their kids, to try to save her marriage. However, we hear that the real reason that Siohvaughn came back to South Florida was to physically confront Dwayne Wade’s latest fling - actress Gabrielle Union. The tipster explained, “Dwayne and Siohvaughn have been trying to work out their marriage, but it’s hard to do that when there are so many thirsty women all up under him.” According to our insider, Dwayne’s intimate relationship with actress Gabrielle Union was one of the main impediments to the couple’s reconciliation. Siohvaughn’s friend explained, “You have to understand, those two were friends. For [Gabrielle] to now be dating [Siohvaughn’s] husband is just plain wrong … So [Siohvaughn] packed her bags and went down [to Miami] with two of her girlfriends from the Chi and they were ready to get crazy.” And according a family member, things were about to get explosive.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jay-Z trying 2 tie Elvis

Jay-Z Takes On Elvis For Most #1 Albums

If all goes Jay-Z's way, the rap mogul will tie rock legend Elvis for the most number one albums in history, a feat that depends on the success of the rapper's American Gangster album.

Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter, landed his ninth number one album last year with Kingdom Come, which sold about 680,000 in its first week, the rapper's best to date.

The Kingdom Come album put Jay-Z in a tie with another iconic rock act, The Rolling Stones, who have landed number nine number one albums throughout their 40-year career.

If Jay-Z's American Gangster sells well, only The Beatles would have offered the music world more number one albums, with an incredible 19.

American Gangster's main opposition includes young R&B sensation Chris Brown with his sophmore album, Xclusive, also targeting the number one spot. The album's single, "Kiss Kiss" ft T-Pain is currently number 1 on the Billboard chart.

I bet the house on Xclusive this time even though I bought American Gangster

Kobe may buy MJ's Mansion

From the Chicago Sun-Times :

Sneed hears Bryant may be purchasing basketball legend Michael Jordan's massive home in Highland Park. The real estate rumor mill is grinding out grist that could add more credence to the word the L.A. Lakers superstar may wind up playing in Chicago.


Jordan reportedly still owns his marital home in Highland Park, although he and wife Juanita have since divorced and their sons are at school elsewhere. Stay tuned.

Wow. Prolly jus a silly rumor. But even if it is a rumor I'm still wowed that someone would even take the time to make this up.

And look @ that mansion!! Wow!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kiyoshi in the neighborhood

So.. I'm listenin 2 the radio in my cubbie as I always do @ work. Apparently next week tuesday is a big music day. Big boy asked "If u had $20 2 spend on either Jay-Z, Cassidy, or Chris Brown cd this coming tuesday (Nov. 6), who's do you buy? Call us up rite now. 1888blahblah"

So I'm like eh might as well call prolly won't get thru like always. So I pick up the fone and dial the number.

[Busy signal]

I press redial

[Ring (I'm thinkin ok its ringin but I've heard it ring b4 so I didn't think nothin of it)........ ring.......... ring.......... ring....]

Lady: "Big Boy's neighborhood"

Me: "Umm I'm calling 2 answer the cd question"

Lady: "Ok whos cd r u buying?"

Me: "jay-z"

Lady: "Ok hang on Kiyoshi"

Then I hear the fabolous ft tpain song. I notice they playin on the radio also and the song is like 15 secs ahead on the phone

Waitin for the fab song 2 finish...


Big Boy: "Big boys neighborhood if u had 20 bukks who do u spend ur money on this tuesday" [doorbell sound] we have somebody in the neighborhood who's this?"

(Ok they didn't even tell me that I was goin on the air...)

Me: "uhhh Kiyoshi"

Big boy: "Kiyoshi in the neighborhood this mornin, Kiyoshi u have 20 dollars who's cd r u buyin on tuesday?"

Me: "o Jay-Z no doubt about it "

Big boy: "Kiyoshi says Jay-Z no doubt about it ladies and gentlemen. Kiyoshi that's a hell of a name by the way"

Me: "hahaha (fake chuckle) thanx"

Big Boy: "ok who else do we have in the neighborhood this mornin [ding dong]........

And that was it. Because of the 15 sec delay I got to hear myself on the radio.. No I didn't win anything (not yet), no I didn't shout u out. And a few ppl called me and told me they heard me.. All this did was give me confidence 2 get thru the lines and win those jay-z tickets... hehehe

Get on the sticks

Nba 2k8 along wit madden is probably the only games I play on a serious comepetitive level.. I don't really have patience for rpgs, adventure, etc.. Anywho here are the rankings for the ppl I play imo

1. Corey- I gotta give it up 2 the dude no homo
2. Sam- I'm 0-2 against him.. For now
3. Me- I can live with 3rd for now
4. Julien- yes I'm better than u
5. Dev- dude is actually pretty decent wit houston
6. Katrina- let me explain...
7. C-san- scary ass
8. Jp- u need some more playin time that's all

Yep I lost 2 a girl in 2k8 so what.. But 2 keep it a 100 wit u that wasn't the plan. It was her 1st time so the plan was 2 not go hard on her (cuz she was still learning) til about late in the 4th and win.. But no no no twinkie had other plans. I tied the game 49-49 wit 1 sec left wit kobe. Then she inbounds the ball 2 LARRY HUGHES and shoots like a 35-foot 3pointer in my face... larry hughes... larry f*n hughes.