Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lolipop is tearin up the charts

From hiphopgame:

Cash Money/Universal Motown Records multi-platinum artist Lil Wayne is once again taking control of the airwaves and breaking records in both with “Lollipop,” the first single from his highly anticipated album Tha Carter III. This is the biggest add week that a hip-hop artist has received at Rhythm Crossover and the biggest any artist has received at Urban Radio including Beyonce and Mariah. “Lollipop,” featuring Static is #1 Most Added and Greatest Gainer at both radio formats receiving a total of 138 adds at Mediabase and R&R.

With a listening audience of 25.7 million “Lollipop,” is being well received at key radio stations across the country including: New York (Hot 97), Los Angeles (Power), Seattle (93 KUBE), Miami (99 Jamz), Philadelphia (Power 99), Atlanta (Hot 107) and Detroit (Hot 102). “Lollipop” is also #1 on iTunes Hip-Hop Chart and #4 Overall, and Lil Wayne’s MySpace page received over a million unique views this week giving him the #1 Top Artist profile on the site. The video is currently in heavy rotation at MTV, MTV2, BET's Rap City and MTV Jams, where it appeared as the Jam Of The Week. The “Lollipop” video is also in medium rotation at MTV Hits and on BET’s main playlist. Lil Wayne will also appear on BET's annual Spring Bling and will be only the 2nd artist in the event's history to perform for an entire episode!

Magic where u at????? LOL!


magic jones says said...

nigga I dont give a shit about all that I still call c3 a flop....nigga is all hot air

killa_ki said...

lmao c'mon magic u know part of the formula to a successful album is a successful single.. hes on the right track

magic jones says said...

you my nigga ki lol b/c you stay ridin for weezy lol no homo but tell ya boy get a classic album under his belt then i will take him serious until then idk lol

killa_ki said...

man carter 1 was damn near a classic. ... and u know that...

u know that... lol

magic jones says said...

lmao @ u know that

as brandy would say almost doesn't count lol and IT wasnt a classic soory ki but i just dont see this doing big numbers 1st week

ps we still got that guap on it so pay up lol

Zeke said...

Look man. I know this is a smash single. His album is going to sell like hotcakes whether or not Wayne is full of bullshit (which he is). The question is why is this shit hot? This song lacks originality, creativity, and substance. This shit is whack to me, b.

killa_ki said...

zeke i never said it was hot... he jus doin what he gotta do 2 sale... what u niggas gotta realize is the music industry is a buisness!! the buisness of sellin records..... and souls lol

and magic, fuck it, carter 1 was a classic!

Zeke said...

I know that but when will niggas get past the whole money shit, b? I could understand if he was broke but that nigga is PAID!!!! Think about it...he can say WHATEVER he wants and his fans will eat it up. He could sit there and rap about The Pope shitting machine guns and spitting Sphagetti-os. That shit would sell. Despite this fact, he still chooses to rap about bullshit, man! That's what dissappointed me.

And fuck the carter 1. C2 was better.

magic jones says said...

WTF??LOL how can it be a classic when it only sold a mill?LOL a classic not only has to do numbers but have some bangers on that shit.what go dj?LOL come on yoshi WE both know that cd was OK.Like Zeke said c2 over c1 but there both so so albums.

cause when you smirk you look like jay-z's shirt-Lil wayne

what does that mean?anybody knows?

magic jones says said...

ps you cant be "the best rapper alive" if you let kanye west destroy on barry bonds lmao even lil wayne said he re-recorded the song 3 times and still couldnt beat kanyes verse lmao

killa_ki said...

Carter 1 had bangers.. Its his best cd 2 date.. Blueprint is a classic and jays best album and it only sold like 1x plat.. And no wayne is not the best raper alive..

And zeke c2 was no way better than c1.. No way

killa_ki said...

Ps. Magic, ok yea kanye did rip wayne on that barry bonds but overall the song was avg.. And kanye already said wayne is "the best in the game, period".. He said it not me.. And he easily coulda said jay.. Go figure

Zeke said...

You got fallacy strewn all over your argument, ki! Appeal to Authority: Wayne is the best rapper out because Kanye West said so? Who made him the end all judge of who is the best in the game? That's opinion, not fact. Magic is at least agruing on two basis: Bangers and Sells. Although I do agree with Ki: sells do not necessarily equal bangers but it is a decent indicator on who is listening to the music.

PS. Yeah, what the fuck does that mean, Magic? Wayne spits shit.

killa_ki said...

Ok so I guess jay-z always spit top quality shit

"Bringin down the roof like mike vick"


And zeke the only reason I brought ↑ that kanye quote was because magic said kanye ripped wayne on that barry bonds, which he did, but I was jus statin the facts

Zeke said...

Touche. No one is fire 100% of the time.

I know this sounds perpostrous but maybe Kanye West was being humble.

magic jones says said...

Blueprint 1 only sold a mill?LMAO now we both know thats some bs. the blueprint 1 sold 2mill just like nas's stillmatic album.

And y'all buy the shit, caught up in the hype-jay-z bluprint 2

cosign zeke just because kanye says it makes it true ki?but wait isnt this the same man that said if they made a new bible hes just as important as jesus?LMAO

and from every wayne fan they say his mixtapes are better then any of his albums which i agree.

last one ki
give me 5 songs off the c1 cd that are better then any of his songs to date right now.

ps jay may not say the illest every time but at least he doesn't kick elementary rhymes like wayne

i got a vest on to protect the top/if you wanna walk in my shoes you need on 10 socks


Zeke said...

this shit is still gay.