Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hustler's Ambition

Jay-Z wants all the money for his new label:

Jay-Z is apparently asking “way too much,” an insider said. “He wants a label to give him $100 million for the Carter Music Group and provide for overhead, development and digital investment. It’s crazy. He wants the labels to basically be his venture capital fund — but unlike a venture cap, they won’t get 50 percent. This is not the ’90s anymore.”

Ummm ok I know all about the "aim-high, settle for less" strategy Hov but c'mon Jigga! Who are you gonna sign? Chris n Lil Neefy?? Freeway?


Zeke said...

You forgot about Teairra Marí

magic jones says said...

lol naw nigga hes gonna sign garbage ass cam and the dips lmao...