Monday, March 31, 2008

Jay-Z "Hustle hard in any hustle that you pick"


According to Dr.Jays, Jay-Z was recently seen with Fendi head Karl Lagerfeld at a New York Fendi photo shoot. But Jay wasn't there to watch the shoot...he WAS the shoot. Apparently Jay-Z will be actually be a model for Fendi's upcoming marketing campaign. I bet Kanye West is mad jealous. No word yet when the campaign will launch.


killa_ki said...

I'm a prada man myself...

But its good for jay because he's lookin for a new job since def jam didn't wanna resign him as pres lmao

Zeke said...

I always thought that was an interesting concept...a person can be so famous that people will pay money to take pictures of you regardless of whether or not you are asthetically pleasing.

magic jones says said...

LOL more hate i see,but lets remember in LA's personal statement they WANTED him back but they didn't have the money HE wanted.

ps the rich get richer and the hate gets stronger...i learned something new today LOL shout out to killa ki haha

killa_ki said...

No no no magic.. That's was jus LA reids nice way of saying 2 jayz "you're fired"... lmao

And even tho I'm cool on jim jones, the dude did pull off a gread business deal over @ sony.. I admit it

magic jones says said...

So will his next album go gold or platinum?NO! he cant top ballllllllin!!!!! which he didnt even write lol

ps ballin is his best song ever and that album could even sell 400k lol
the whole jay vs jim thing is old now so jimmy has to show that he can make a hit record with out pulling jays coattail....wait how much did harlems american gangster sell?my point exactly

killa_ki said...

Allll I'm sayin is that nigga jim got a good deal... somthin jay could use for his carter music label...

But ur absolutely rite he won't ever top ballin

magic jones says said...

lol naw ki dont try and down play that diss from earlier lol its all good tho jay is the best and always gets the best results.

I Like the N Word said...

Jay is old. Someone will surpass him eventually.

killa_ki said...

magic magic magic..... u silly negro......

dont let that man have u thinkin he is really GOD. he is tight.. 1 of the best definitely, but jus like every1 else he has his flaws..

that mike vick line is weak as fuck and u know it

magic jones says said...

LOL never said he was GOD not even close in my book,but your boy kanye seems to think hes on jesus's heels for some reason.

and @ i like the n word

everybody gets surpassed but his legacy will live and he will always be top 5 period.

ps ki
only if you agree wayne says elementary rhymes

if your ballin then i guess im up to bat

i got on a vest to protect the top/if you wanna walk in my shoes you need 10 socks

when you smirk you look like jay=z's shirt

my shoes stay fresh like a pair of napkins

im gonna keep bringing those garbage ass bars up until you get it into YOUR head that he is no where near top 5 dead or alive

killa_ki said...

Lol you're never gonna let that jayz smirk line go.. Yea it was pretty bad, I don't know what he meant... but in his defense, I'm sure you've heard him actually spit some real shit that caught u off guard

magic jones says said...

yea he has,like the dedication 2.which i have mentioned plenty of times now,but yall make it sound like hes says ill stuff 99% of the time lol

by yall i mean his fans

Number 1 Stunna said...

Fuck Jay-Z.

Fuck Wayne.

Eminem the greatest.

Zeke said...

I cosign magic. Jay is top five. End of story. But Jay did IMPLY that he was god though...god of the rap game. Jay-Hova. Jahova. Dude, don't be slow, that shit is intentional as hell.

magic jones says said...

@ number 1 stunna
How?Em has all ready stated that jay-z is the greatest of all time.Need an example?Verse 2 of Till I Collapse

I got a list here's the order of my list that it's in.It goes,Reggie, Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie,Andre from Outkast,Jada,Kurupt,Nas and then me.

Reggie is Ems dead cousin so he doesn't even count,so who's number 1 on Ems list?Thats right Jay-z

Is he the best because of album sales?Well he all ready stated that if he was black he would only do half of the numbers hes at right now.For example Ems White America verse 2

look at my sales, let's do the math,if I was black,I would've sold half,I Ain't have to graduate from Lincoln high school to know that

So once again my question is how?Its cool tho.Because you have your own opinion,but lets just not sound like a hater and say fuck somebody lol

I agree,but I look at it like this.Who's gonna pat you on the back or kiss your own ass more then you?I mean diddy walks around all day doing it.Just so happens Jay can rap his ass off so he brags about it through that.