Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What you sayin?

Like the old saying goes, a picture is worth a 1000 words. I want you readers in your own way 2 write out what Kobe and Shaq are saying to each other. Be creative. Many more photos featuring different people to come as the days go on. The writer of the best one will be revealed when the next photo is released. I reccommend that you all leave your name, nickname, or however you want to be recognized.

By the way.. we have a winner for last weeks edition of "what you sayin" featuring a picture of Nas and Jay-Z...

And the winner is........

"i'm white" with:

Nas: c'mon hov who still wears bape?

Jay-Z: dude this pic was taken 3 yrs ago.

Nas: oh.

Alrite lets see what ya'll can do! Be creative!


i'm white said...

Kobe: Y u look so tired already?

Shaq: I jus got some hit superhead before the game

Kobe: I'm tellin

Anonymous said...

Shaq: damn man my wife trying 2 stick me for my paper

Kobe: Don't worry I know a place that sells rings just for this occasion