Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jeezy is the Real Deal

Ok. Ok. I kno. Ur prolly thinking, "wtf r u posting about jeezy for".... "he doesn't have an upcoming album soon"... blah blah blah...

FYI.. This post was influenced by my sis traci.. One day we were bored @ work and we were aiming each other and somehow the topic about rap came up (imagine that), and then somehow jeezy came in the equation.

I don't remember exactly what was said from her about her opinion on jeezy but I kno it wasn't good. So, as a loyal jeezy fan I came 2 his defense no homo...

I threw in the old "jeezy is a motivational speaker" approach on her and... she laughed.. She even told her what I said to her "old head" employees @ work and of course, they laughed.. I also heard that 1 of her co-workers said "bless his heart" regarding 2 my motivational speaker allegations.

But its true tho! But u kno trace had 2 low blow and throw in maya angelou and compare the two but my rebuttle on that was that alotta younger, black ppl from our generation don't really relate 2 ms angelou. She didn't have 2 sell rocks 2 support her family (at least I don't think so), she didn't have 2 push mixtapes in the streets 2 generate a buzz in the rap world (200,000 mixtapes sold) and more importantly she wasn't discovered and signed by the God MC himself and pres of Def Jam, Jay-Z.

Look, I'm not tryna take anything away from maya, please don't accuse of me that. She is a very well respected writer/ author and she is great @ what she does imo, maybe the best. But Jeezy is the real deal.

Jeezy is one of the few rappers out in the game that I actually believe into what he says. Lets face it, most of these rappers lie about their pasts. But this dude u can tell by the passion and the delivery in his music that he aint playin. And he actually sells in 2days plummiting rap industry. He doesn't have 2 "crank" anything 2 go gold or plat. He's a platinum rapper off of singles like "soul survivior" a great song.. Nothing "superman'n hoes" about it.

@ the end of the day, I don't like many rappers. I only purchase albums from jay, kanye, fab, weezy, cam, jeezy t.I. and a few others. Jeezy has a long career ahead of him and he is one few the rappers left that can save the rap game. Don't hate on the dude. If u think he weak then u weak. Real recognize real. Rememebr that. - KM

Monday, December 3, 2007


I kno yall all heard about sean taylor.. That mess was messed up like fa real.. I feel sorry for his family..

On another note, I'm pretty excited about this mayweather-hatton bout comin up... I mess wit mayweather but this cracker hatton is kinda wild..

And whassup wit the lakers? They were off 2 a strong start now they're 9-8 I believe... not coooool.. That's that inconsistency I was talkin about.. Lets hope kobe keeps his cool