Thursday, March 20, 2008

Curtis still playing his favorite game

Here's what Curtis had to say about Joey Crack's recent lackluster album sales:

“Fat Joe just passed away. Soundscan came out and he sold like 46,000 copies,” 50 says, via video, with tears streaming from his eyes. “DJ Khaled is almost finished, he’s done.”

“The results are in, Elephant In The Sand (50’s latest mixtape) wins by a landslide. [It’s at] 400,000 copies downloaded. On, a staggering 220,000 downloaded there and if you don’t believe me, you can go check yourself and see it. It’s a fact. I think this is really bad for him. I think that the space that he’s in right now, he won’t ever create material that makes him relative. Every album, the n—- put out one song that’s good. The rest of the sh– is just trash. It’s not even worth buying the CD.”

Come on Curtis. Why are you pickin on poor ol Joe? Puttin out a mock mixtape to make sure the man cant sell? Damn that skandalous, Fif. U know he's no competition. Try pickin on somebody your own size, or better yet, holla at Kanye. OUCH!


Juice said...

That was pretty shady. Has he said shit to Kanye yet about losing to him? He did have to suck his own asshole on that one.

magic jones says said...

yea 50 said "kanye played the underdog so thats why he won,BUT i sold 2 mill around the world while kanye only sold 985k in the U.S. so who really won?"