Friday, February 29, 2008

Ne-yo's Hairline

LMAO Dude spends 7 and a half minutes talking about Ne-yo's hairline.

Rita G aka chick from Flashing Lights....

LMAO!!!! why was she tap dancing???LOL but that body is grrrrrrrrreat!

Diddy’s Version Of Raisin In The Sun Was A Success


Sean “Diddy” Combs, made his debut in his first starring role on Monday, February 25th in the reprised role of Walter Lee in a “A Raisin in the Sun.” Ratings far exceeded expectations across every demographic. “A Raisin in the Sun,” which featured Sean Combs and all-star cast Phylicia Rashad, Audra McDonald, Sanaa Lathan and John Stamos, ranked #1 Monday night, allowing ABC to turn in its strongest night amongst viewers in 3 months. Raisin was TV’s highest-rated original movie since November 2005 among key demographic audiences. 12.7 Million viewers tuned in to see this revived classic.

Combs’ role received rave reviews…

“Mr. Combs is commanding and fierce.” — New York Times

“The actor’s [Combs] blend of volatility, sweetness, pride, impotence and frustration registers beautifully.” — Chicago Sun Times

“[Combs] turns in a heart breaking performance!” — Us Weekly (3.5 stars)

“You’ll Never Look at Sean Same Way Again!…,” “Combs does a great, great job…finds his place in the sun!” — The New York Post

Combs is planning to be bi-coastal to focus on his acting career. Combs says, “This has been a life changing experience for me. I love acting. In order to make movies, I have to be where the movies are being made.”

Billboard Chart! Jim Jones tops it and Jay-z goes platinum

Jim Jones' latest offering, Harlem's American Gangster, debuts at the top spot of Billboard's 'Top Rap Albums Chart' this week.

The set sold 24,800 copies in its opening week.

Lupe Fiasco's The Cool continues to keep registers ringing as it cashes out 19,500 copies this week. After 10 weeks, the album has sold a total of 358,900 units.

Soulja Boy's scans 15,500 units in its 21st week on the chart. So far, the album has sold 799,300 copies.

Kanye West's slips three spots to No. 4. Graduation ringed out 13,800 copies this week, pushing the album's total to 2,019,600.

After 17 weeks on the charts, Jay-Z's American Gangster finally earns a platinum plaque. The album, which sits at No. 5, pushed 11,300 discs this week, bringing the album's total to 1,005,000.

Birdman slips one spot to No. 6. 5 Star Stunna, which has sold 280,300 copies since its December debut, gets scooped up by 9,600 folks this week.

Also slipping a spot is Bow Wow and Omarion at No. 7. Face Off scoops 6,400 units this week. So far, the set has sold 318,500 copies.Pastor Troy debuts impressively at No. 8 this week with his latest album, At titude Adjuster. The set sells 6,300 copies in its opening week.

An -18% decrease in sales pushes Plies two slots No. 9. Real Testament shifts 5,900 copies this week. The album's tally stands at 452,100.

Wrapping things up at No. 10 is DJ Drama. Gangsta Grillz bags 5,400 copies this week. So far, the album has sold has 151,900 units.

Notable debuts under the Top 10 this week include Lil Flip's and Capone E's collaborative effort, Still Connected. The set debuts at No. 37 selling 1,500 copies.

KRS One debuts at No. 56 with his latest album Adventures In Emceein'. The set moves 1,050 copies in its first go-around on the charts.

Shout Out to

Lupe Fiasco Performs Paris,Tokyo - Leno - 2.26.08

Loopy Fiasco? Come on Jay


Max B umma Do Me(jim Jones Diss)


He Says "nigga i wrote your only hit/Yes ballin was some corny shit"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Max B=Jim Jones Killa!


In a quick interview he calls himself the Jim Jones "killa" and says Dj Kay Slay can suck a dick.
SMH @ dipset falling apart after 1 hit single...

Weezy on his addiction to syrup


Wayne has said he’s been hearing about how he needs to cut back on syrup more than ever in the wake of Pimp C’s death in December. The UGK member’s death was ruled accidental and due to a deadly combination of syrup and his sleep-apnea condition.

“No, he(Bun-B) hasn’t talked to me,” said Wayne, sitting in his tour bus in his native New Orleans, about Bun, a longstanding friend of the Cash Money Millionaires family. “But I’m going through that same sh– with my friends, with my mom. Everybody wants me to stop all this and all that. It ain’t that easy.”

full article

New Snoop Neva Hafta Worry and Life Of The Party feat.2 short


Neva Hafta Worry

Life Of The Party feat 2 short

New Fabolous Mixtape

This new Fab is FIRE. Its hosted by DJ Drama. His mixtapes be way different from his albums, he steps the game up. The last mixtape I had from him was his Rise to Power double CD, and that was fire, and this one is about just as good. Peep these tracks. Lol he raps 2 Kanye's Barry Bonds beat and he talks about steroids the whole song lol

fabolous gangsta grillz intro
Click Here

fab barry bonds
Click Here

fab suicide
Click Here

fab hey papi
Click Here

fab fall back
Click Here

New sh!t

Props 2 magic

Here are 2 new tracks from Rick Ross and Mary J. Blige, both including Jay-Z. Both songs is hot. Kinda funny that this Jay and Mary song is released the same day as the newly scheduled dates on their upcoming tour. Sound off!

Listen 2 Jay-Z & Mary J Blige- "You welcome" produced by Swizzy, Click Here

Listen 2 Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z- "Maybach Music", Click Here

What you sayin?

This is the very 1st edition of what I like to call "What you sayin?" Like the old saying goes, a picture is worth a 1000 words. I want you readers in your own way 2 write out what Jay-Z and Nas are saying to each other. Be creative. Many more photos featuring different people to come as the days go on. The writer of the best one will be revealed when the next photo is release. I reccommend that you all leave your name, nickname, or however you want to be recognized. I'll start off:

Nas: "Damn Jay, I jus sneezed out another one of your pubic hairs."
Jay-Z: "Hehehehe, I told you years ago you was kissin my di*k when you was kissin that bitch."

Lol yall get it now? Try it! Click the comments button below and be creative!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Props 2 the homie Magic

GOTTTTTTTTTTDAMN! I heard Ne-yo got arrested for some bullshit but damn they caught this nigga slippin fa real!!

Sound off!

What a Fiasco...

At first I thought I was the only one who hadn't jumped on Lupe Fiasco bandwagon until the homie Magic agreed with me when I was like "I just can't see myself drivin down the street bumpin Dumb it Down." The homies Zeke, C-San and other fans try to explain to me that Lupe is really that nigga when it comes to this lyrical stuff. I always knew the dude can spit but I just haven't even came close 2 purchasing either one of his CD's, not even a couple keystrokes 2 download them. Although I do respect what he does, I just never cared for the dude.

I think its because he's weird. Nah ...

I think it was because a year or two ago when me and few friends of mine seen him @ Jerry's Deli one night and I seen how LF reacted towards a fan who complimented him on his music. He basically dusted her off and kept it pushin.

Or maybe when I went 2 UC Riverside's homecoming a couple years ago where he was headlining and he arrived five hours later than scheduled. It was outside and I was like freezing. No apologies, just a birthday song led by him 2 a female fan where afterwards he told her, "Now get the fuck off my stage."

Or maybe its just cause he comments on sensitive issues like racism like this:

"Racism built this country," Lupe said. "Racism built the world. Racism is the basis of all societies. It's a necessary evil sometimes. Especially to keep democracy, keep us all comfortable."

Wait, wait. There's more:

"I find comfort living outside the matrix, with all the evil robots and living underground eating oatmeal, that's where I want to be because that's true."

Oatmeal and evil robots. Sounds like a potential Lupe album title.

Sound off.

YouTube Video of the Day: Yeezy and Weezy

Lmao... this shit is so jokes. If u need a good laugh check this out. No thats not really their Wayne and Kanye's voices either, the character likenesses are just on point! Created by the hilarious people over at Broken Equipment Productions. They have so many more spoof's mocking Dipset, Young Jeezy, and many other rappers. You can check them all of them out at of course... Sound off!

C-San interview with

I'll say it b4 and I'll say it again: get with the WE MAJOR movement now before its too late! Don't try to hop on the bandwagon when they arrive at the ultimate destination, the top of the rap game! I'm tellin' yall man, the West is coming back with a new flavor courtesy of C-San, K-Mak, Uncle Dave and the rest of the crew. Check out this great interview at with We Major ent's own C-San by clicking HERE

Common - The Light (Prod. by Just Blaze)

Props 2 tha homie Magic

Here is a new joint by Common called "The Light". It is produced by Just Blaze. Lets just say Common owes this nigga Just by blessing him wit this beat. You can listen to it now by clicking here

Sound off! What yall think?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My open apology 2 Jay-Z

Dear Hov,

Although you are the God-mc, I am pretty sure u arent aware of my love/hate (no homo) feelings toward you. In the past there have been times where u made buisness decisions that have pissed me off, and there are times where you make joints like "Song Cry" that stays on repeat on my iPod. Let me clarify a lil bit...

That shit you pulled off where u became the President of Def Jam, but also acquiring the primary ownership of Roc-a-Fella record, causing your longtime buisness partners Dame Dash and Kareem Biggs and whoever else jobless, that shit was mad foul. I was hot. It essentially became the break of a "dynasty" of what most of the Roc fans would call the label. It was never the same. The Diplomats left, you made rocawear crapawear, you left Kanye in a rock and a hard place position where he had no choice but 2 stay under your wing, knowing all the while he was Dame's project. I would never forgive u.

As I continued on wit my frustration towards you, a certain rapper that was once on your roster started 2 attack you. And quite frankly, I loved every second of it. That rapper was one of my faves, Cam'ron, and when he came out wit those 2 disses on u on that fateful day I was cheering for joy. Everyone knew yall didnt like each other anyway, and it was just a matter of time before Killa fired off. But boy "oh boy" (no pun intended), it was a failed effort. You barely even replied, making Cam lookin like a lost barking dog in a abandoned yard. Without even saying his name, the most notable line that seem to shut up Killa Cam was the "only time u went plat my chain was on ya neck" u fired toward him. That pretty much deaded it. One shot kill.

Once u kind of brushed off that half ass beef, I kinda noticed or figured out rather, that Cam was just a mere pawn of your once buisness partner, now bitter foe, Dame Dash. It was so obvious that Dame pushed Cam to diss u, because Cam didnt have a legit reason 2 go at u imo. Rocafella fans know that like Kanye, Cam and the Dipset was another project of Dame's. Both Platinum acts @ your label, maybe one of the successful acts that u were'nt exactly proud of. It then hit me that I purchased Hard Knock Life, The Dynasty Album, The Blueprint and others of ur albums, way before I even knew who Cam was. And besides, I dont know Cam, never met the guy so why was I siding with him. Oh wait, I did meet him, Juelz and Jimmy @ the fox hills mall back in like 03, but that aint the point.

Anywho, let me stop dragging on and on. I'm sorry big homie. I'm sorry for turning on u like that. I'm sorry I kept using that "jay-z bites other rappers all the time" line @ your hardcore fans. I'm sorry I burned Blueprint 2. I'm sorry I dont have Reasonable Doubt and don't know where it is. I'm sorry for clownin on u at lunch at school and then when its time for class I turn on blueprint 1 on my iPod. I'm sorry I fantasize about your girl from time 2 time. Sorry for the frontin, sorry for the clownin, sorry for everything. I'm sorry I wont and cant label you the best of all time, but I will label you for ONE of the greatest. And I'm sorry you probably arent going 2 be able 2 read this! Ha! (man i gotta get this blog jumpin)

Sincerely your fan,

Leave yall thoughts!

YouTube video of the day

This shit is JOKES.. a madtv sketch from like 04 I came across.. "move along hoe. superlakers dont hang around wit no skanks." LOL... Leave yall thoughts!

Kiss Kiss!

From bossip:

“They were smooching in the pool and were really lovely dovey. They were playfully making out and he was kissing her on the neck.”

The attractive pair, who got matching star tattoos on their necks in January, got in the pool after a leisurely lunch yesterday at the Hilton Kingston Hotel in Jamaica. They were hanging out with friends and at about 3 p.m., Chris, 18, jumped into the water and waited while Rihanna went to her room and changed into a bikini.

“They were floating together with him carrying her and she kept saying, ‘Don’t get my hair wet.’ She was very soft and feminine but he was a big kid and splashing around.”

Ha! Matchin tatoos huh? Bigups 2 chris breezy for hittin that b4 I could. Damn Chris, u smashed one of my homegirl's already according 2 my homegirl. Then u smash another 1 I went to high school wit. U tha man CB what more can i say.. (Don't ask me who the 2girls he hit I kno cuz I aint tellin lol) Comment!

Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm feelin most of the fusions but these AJ 5 fusions that's coming out but these r jus flat out sick.. what u think?

"Plus I kno my own flow is foolish"

Alotta ppl have criticized Jay-Z for biting other rappers lines, mainly Biggie's. I must admit I was one of em but the homie Magic Jones brought somethin 2 my attention that i think the average rap fan is not aware of. Peep!

From magic jones:

"On the Jay biting Biggie note…they traded rhymes often…
need examples??

Jay-Z on Jaz-O’s “Phuck Dat”

“Thats right its Jay homeboy BK all day.6figgaz still it’s do-rag on waves/ betta watch what cha say/cuz speakin on jay’ll/ get cha mouth piece obese like della resse”

Biggie on Long Kiss 2yrs later

“I make ya mouth piece obese like della resse…” (oh and didnt wayne say dat on a song too?)

Jay on Dead Presidents 96'

“…Fuck em they hate a nigga lovin his life/ in all possible ways kno tha feds is buggin my life”

Big on “No Utha” hidden track on Life After in 97

“…Ol folks on da corner sayin hustlin ain’t right/ but fuck em they hate it when a nigga lovin his life/ rappin now but fuckin feds still buggin my life”

It's only a couple lines but nonetheless I did not think Biggie bit anybody. I dont kno how long it took for Magic 2 come up wit this but i gotta give him a lot a credit. This has 2 be the first valid point he has ever made. LMAO- KM

SMH 2 the MAX

Props 2 tha homie illseed

These kids have got 2 be about 6 or 7.. Yup its true.. the world is goin str8 2 hell... leave ur thoughts on it

Lil Wayne actin like a mark

Rap fans know that 50 goes at anybody he wants. He went @ weezy a few times and this is all weezy had to say about it:

"That shits crazy man[laughs]. i aint fuckin wit 50; he too high up there...I can't even deal wit done of that. that's my nigga though. I respect that my name even came out the homie's mouth. No homo." He then went on to say "I respect him. I just took it as a compliment. I'd never go back at 50; that nigga's a trillionaire[laughs]. I'm tryin to get there homie. I'm smart, I ain't dumb."

Man wtf, the Clipse go @ u and respond. U call Pharrell weird, u kinda-sorta respond 2 Gillie but 50 say he gone break ur neck and all u gotta say is "thats my nigga"?! C'mon now weezy... Leave yall thoughts

The dips is over....


"After keeping quiet about the rift between Dipset crew members Cam'ron and Jim Jones, Juelz finally spoke out about his own personal problems with Cam in an interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez.

When Martinez asked Santana why he hasn't been able to release any new material, he claimed that the Dipset Don has something to do with his situation at the Def Jam.

"Me and Cam gotta work some things out, bottom line," the rapper said. "I came in the game when I was young right, so it's no reason for me - to have accomplished and did as much as I did - to be getting treated the same way as I was treated when I just came in."

Man. What happened 2 the Diplomatic Immunity dipset? O well nothin lasts 4ever. LOL @ Cam's santa clause jacket tho. Leave your comments

Clintons go for the low blow

Here is a flick that Hillary and her party are currently spreading around of Barack Osama, er, Obama. LOL well im guessin thats the point what the Clinton party is trying to get across. SMH.

What do you think the other parties can gain from this photo? Click the comments button and leave your thoughts.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pretty Boy Floyd tries WWF

Dont read this til u watch the video posted above... c'mon its only 3 mins.. i kno, i kno i hate wrestling too.

LOL everybody that i showed that too is like "floyd is dumb, y he wanna wrestle." He's not wrestling hes doin this for the check. U already know Vince McMahon came rite wit the paper. Although i must admit Mayweather is a terrible actor

We Major ent the future of the west!

If u tired of the bullshit u hear on the radio currently then head down here and check out some real music.. I guarantee u wont be disappointed.

Microsoft buys Danger/Sidekick


"REDMOND, Wash. — Feb. 11, 2008 — Microsoft Corp. today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Danger Inc., the company responsible for the software and services powering many popular consumer handsets. The acquisition will align Danger’s nearly 10 years of expertise in the mobile consumer space with Microsoft’s vision to provide innovative and compelling mobile experiences to a growing base of customers."

So i guess its safe 2 say that the next sidekick will finally have a video camera, right?

I'm feelin her swag

I heard she taller than me but when i see her I dont care i'm on it...

Bow wow is ballin, dog

Ay man, this lil nigga ballin on some other shit.. real shit I got respect for the man's hustle.. Jus watch this video:


Im not coo wit this.

I'm not coo wit this at all.

For the past 4 years i've been watchin, and observin, and peepin all the hate, all the joking, all the mocking @ the mediocrity of the los angeles lakers. Most of you know that I am a very loyal laker fan and have been for some time. And i remember EVERYTHING. I remember who stayed around when the lakers strugglin during their rebuilding stage. And more importantly, I remember the HATRED!

Now all of a sudden, if u havent been watchin espn or keeping wit the nba, u would know that lakers are currently the #1 seed in the west and the hottest team in the nba. And eversince the acquisition of pau gasol and the emergence of andrew bynyum (who is currently injured), the lakers is flat out killin. And please belieive when bynum come back its gonna be a problem, and laker fans & nba fans know this.

With that being said, lets take a look at the current starting line up for the laker band wagon team:

PG: JP - this guy was estatic when kobe got food poisoned in the 2001 playoffs, now hes a laker fan? please.

SG: Ian - this nigga had the nerve 2 hit me up on aim talkin bout, "we takin the championship this year my nig!" Nigga i remember yo ass was hatin on kobe and was ridin the heat lol

SF: C-san - ok, this is a lil different but me and this guy have been goin @ it in basketball games since like nba live 03 and he never used the lakers, never ever. now we play nba 2k8 and his team is guess who? the lakers! that aint coo bruh!

the PF and Center positions are being scouted as of right now by the laker band wagon scout association currently, we keepin an eye out for them cuz when we win the championship i kno some ppl will reveal themselves who werent laker fans b4. it happens in every sport

So, laker fans get ready for the parade coming soon. If not this year it will be b4 this decade is over and laker haters, keep hatin. DO NOT, I repeat, do NOT change ur hatin ways. Stay true to yo self because us laker fans r watching....

I am BACK! (fa real this time)

Yes yes ya boy is back by popular demand. I kno alotta yall is like, "where has this nigga killa been @?" yea i kno but i am indeed back and i am ready for the blog takeover ya dig? i jus been sittin back and observin all my peers started 2 create blogs conveniently after i created mine so, its all good.. but anywho, lets get on wit the show