Thursday, February 28, 2008

What you sayin?

This is the very 1st edition of what I like to call "What you sayin?" Like the old saying goes, a picture is worth a 1000 words. I want you readers in your own way 2 write out what Jay-Z and Nas are saying to each other. Be creative. Many more photos featuring different people to come as the days go on. The writer of the best one will be revealed when the next photo is release. I reccommend that you all leave your name, nickname, or however you want to be recognized. I'll start off:

Nas: "Damn Jay, I jus sneezed out another one of your pubic hairs."
Jay-Z: "Hehehehe, I told you years ago you was kissin my di*k when you was kissin that bitch."

Lol yall get it now? Try it! Click the comments button below and be creative!


cool kirk said...

Jay-z: whats up my nigga?
Nas: Damn man how disrespectful, its nigg-ER.

C-San said...

Nas: Take it back to africa i did it with biggy me and 2pac was soldiers of the same struggle

Jay-z: NIGGA!!! what the FUCK are you talking about???

justblaze said...

Nas: Remember when I killed you on ether?

Jay-Z: Yea whatever NIGGER, go make me a sandwich

Anonymous said...

NAS:since were friends now can you diss me so i can see what platinum feels like again?

JAY-Z:nigga i ain't got no more dirt on you...oh wait whats kelis phone number?

Magic Jones lol

Zeke said...

Nas: Aye dog, I like you

Jay-Z: I like you too dog lets get married


stack$ said...

Nas: so when we goin to start on the collab album?

Jay-z: what collab album?

i'm white said...

Nas: c'mon hov who still wears bape?

Jay-Z: dude this pic was taken 3 yrs ago.

Nas: oh.