Thursday, February 28, 2008

New sh!t

Props 2 magic

Here are 2 new tracks from Rick Ross and Mary J. Blige, both including Jay-Z. Both songs is hot. Kinda funny that this Jay and Mary song is released the same day as the newly scheduled dates on their upcoming tour. Sound off!

Listen 2 Jay-Z & Mary J Blige- "You welcome" produced by Swizzy, Click Here

Listen 2 Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z- "Maybach Music", Click Here


Anonymous said...

they both bang lowkey...but i cant wait to bang that ricky ross tho

killa_ki said...


I prefer young jeezy more than rick but i'm lowkey waiting on that ross too

Barak Obama said...

@ Anon. Nigga no homo you sound real gay my nigga.

Extra-Ordinary nigga said...

Why does rick ross has his window open in the rain?