Sunday, February 24, 2008


Im not coo wit this.

I'm not coo wit this at all.

For the past 4 years i've been watchin, and observin, and peepin all the hate, all the joking, all the mocking @ the mediocrity of the los angeles lakers. Most of you know that I am a very loyal laker fan and have been for some time. And i remember EVERYTHING. I remember who stayed around when the lakers strugglin during their rebuilding stage. And more importantly, I remember the HATRED!

Now all of a sudden, if u havent been watchin espn or keeping wit the nba, u would know that lakers are currently the #1 seed in the west and the hottest team in the nba. And eversince the acquisition of pau gasol and the emergence of andrew bynyum (who is currently injured), the lakers is flat out killin. And please belieive when bynum come back its gonna be a problem, and laker fans & nba fans know this.

With that being said, lets take a look at the current starting line up for the laker band wagon team:

PG: JP - this guy was estatic when kobe got food poisoned in the 2001 playoffs, now hes a laker fan? please.

SG: Ian - this nigga had the nerve 2 hit me up on aim talkin bout, "we takin the championship this year my nig!" Nigga i remember yo ass was hatin on kobe and was ridin the heat lol

SF: C-san - ok, this is a lil different but me and this guy have been goin @ it in basketball games since like nba live 03 and he never used the lakers, never ever. now we play nba 2k8 and his team is guess who? the lakers! that aint coo bruh!

the PF and Center positions are being scouted as of right now by the laker band wagon scout association currently, we keepin an eye out for them cuz when we win the championship i kno some ppl will reveal themselves who werent laker fans b4. it happens in every sport

So, laker fans get ready for the parade coming soon. If not this year it will be b4 this decade is over and laker haters, keep hatin. DO NOT, I repeat, do NOT change ur hatin ways. Stay true to yo self because us laker fans r watching....


magic jones says said...

lmao imma still say fuck em...and no parade yo

Anonymous said...

nigga is dick riders.