Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kiyoshi in the neighborhood

So.. I'm listenin 2 the radio in my cubbie as I always do @ work. Apparently next week tuesday is a big music day. Big boy asked "If u had $20 2 spend on either Jay-Z, Cassidy, or Chris Brown cd this coming tuesday (Nov. 6), who's do you buy? Call us up rite now. 1888blahblah"

So I'm like eh might as well call prolly won't get thru like always. So I pick up the fone and dial the number.

[Busy signal]

I press redial

[Ring (I'm thinkin ok its ringin but I've heard it ring b4 so I didn't think nothin of it)........ ring.......... ring.......... ring....]

Lady: "Big Boy's neighborhood"

Me: "Umm I'm calling 2 answer the cd question"

Lady: "Ok whos cd r u buying?"

Me: "jay-z"

Lady: "Ok hang on Kiyoshi"

Then I hear the fabolous ft tpain song. I notice they playin on the radio also and the song is like 15 secs ahead on the phone

Waitin for the fab song 2 finish...


Big Boy: "Big boys neighborhood if u had 20 bukks who do u spend ur money on this tuesday" [doorbell sound] we have somebody in the neighborhood who's this?"

(Ok they didn't even tell me that I was goin on the air...)

Me: "uhhh Kiyoshi"

Big boy: "Kiyoshi in the neighborhood this mornin, Kiyoshi u have 20 dollars who's cd r u buyin on tuesday?"

Me: "o Jay-Z no doubt about it "

Big boy: "Kiyoshi says Jay-Z no doubt about it ladies and gentlemen. Kiyoshi that's a hell of a name by the way"

Me: "hahaha (fake chuckle) thanx"

Big Boy: "ok who else do we have in the neighborhood this mornin [ding dong]........

And that was it. Because of the 15 sec delay I got to hear myself on the radio.. No I didn't win anything (not yet), no I didn't shout u out. And a few ppl called me and told me they heard me.. All this did was give me confidence 2 get thru the lines and win those jay-z tickets... hehehe