Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MJ forced 2 pay up mega bucks to ex-wife Juanita

Oh hell naw.

Due 2 the post-nuptual agreement of michael jordan and former wife juanita's divorce, Juanita has received a whopping amount of $168 million DOLLARS, one-third of mike's net worth.

Ok I kno she been around him since the 80s and I kno the big homie was doin his cheatin and all that but man... 168 million?!? No!! That aint cool @ all!! Where is the justice? I have a huge problem wit this.

She coulda been cool wit 20 mil, maybe even 60 mil but 168?? C'mon man. That's all of mike's hard earned dollars. Some of that money is my moms, my dads and my money that she got. 20 years worth... smh.... she might as well shoulda took a championship ring or two of his. And oh yea she got his 7 acre estate. Man when I heard how much she got I swear 2 God I almost screamed out @ work.

And I kno some of u r saying "oh that's nothing 2 him hes rich anyway. But imagine this:

You earn a $9,000 bonus check @ work. For all your hard work thru the years.

Then u r forced 2 give up $3000. Yes ppl you all would be mad so shut up and feel where I'm comin from. Maybe that's y Jordan Brand is goin hard next year with all the retro packs and the 23s price of $230 a pair. Lol- KM

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