Thursday, November 1, 2007

Get on the sticks

Nba 2k8 along wit madden is probably the only games I play on a serious comepetitive level.. I don't really have patience for rpgs, adventure, etc.. Anywho here are the rankings for the ppl I play imo

1. Corey- I gotta give it up 2 the dude no homo
2. Sam- I'm 0-2 against him.. For now
3. Me- I can live with 3rd for now
4. Julien- yes I'm better than u
5. Dev- dude is actually pretty decent wit houston
6. Katrina- let me explain...
7. C-san- scary ass
8. Jp- u need some more playin time that's all

Yep I lost 2 a girl in 2k8 so what.. But 2 keep it a 100 wit u that wasn't the plan. It was her 1st time so the plan was 2 not go hard on her (cuz she was still learning) til about late in the 4th and win.. But no no no twinkie had other plans. I tied the game 49-49 wit 1 sec left wit kobe. Then she inbounds the ball 2 LARRY HUGHES and shoots like a 35-foot 3pointer in my face... larry hughes... larry f*n hughes.


That Jigga West said...

fuck those games, nigga.
Get on the sticks for some Halo 3.

JAEizF2d said...

u will not beat me