Friday, November 9, 2007

Cam'ron: Public Enemy #1

This past summer and some of fall, hip hop fans began 2 ask where was the dipset honcho Cam'ron? The last time we seen him he was on youtube in his vacation home backyard standing poolside holding a dwade sidekick promising that it would be a "hot summer" for all his foes. Well, the summer was indeed hot but not because of Killa. He was officially M.I.A. Noone knew if he fell off the earth, not even jim jones who even confessed that him and cam, who were always seen together, haven't spoke in a year. All kinds of rumors started 2 fly around. People even began 2 speculate that he was even kicked out of dipset. Because every1 knows that I was a dipset fan, ppl even asked me where was cam, and this time not even I knew the answer.

Rewind 2 weeks, if u remember my past post about cam resurfacing again with a new mixtape on the horizon coming nov 7. Fast forward 2 weeks to 2 days ago (nov 7), Cam's Public Enemy #1 mixtape, a double disc, is available all over the net for free. I got mine a day later thru my lil bro Jeremy (dbd). I immediately pop it in my computer and the 1st track what else? Killa talkin shit for a good 6 minutes answering everybodys questions. He reminds people he is still the owner of dipset. Cam then dispelled all the rumors calling them "felonious", laughed off the rumor about him getting punched in the eye by roc-a-fella artist Tru Life, about where he's been (takin care of his moms in florida who suffered from a series of strokes) and where he stands with Jim Jones, and goes on 2 explain that he wishes Jim the best of luck and hope him goes all the way 2 the top.

He even details his run-ins wit the New York Police Department Intelligence Division, when they asked him if the beef wit 50 cent was real. He mocks:

"How am I gonna beef wit somebody that is with yall all the time!?"

He then explain about how the NYPD intel ran into him again at the airport asking him where he was goin, about how they saw him on youtube and what exactly did he mean by a "hot summer", where he said he asked them:

"Why are yall watching youtube?"

And then he speaks a lil on 50 again:

"How yall actin like Curtis do not need police? How yall actin like I aint named this nigga album: Curtis?! Ya been hoodwinked! Ya been bamboozled! Niggas talkin bout I'm missin...."

The intro was rather funny I always said cam was a rapper/comedian. As far as the rest of the cd, he reminds all cam fans alike why they fucks with him no homo. Blazin beats, catchy lines and shows he never lost a ounce in the swag tank with lines like:

"Fuck work I'm like biggie smalls, eye lazy"

"For them dry stones, fenes slept outside of my home for 2 days like I had the iPhone"

"I walk in Niketown and tell em wipe me down"

The mixtape has almost 40 songs and over half of them are quite listenable. It boasts wit features from Dipset artists Hell Rell, Jr Writer, Freeky Zeeky, A Mafia and I think 40 Cal was on one of em. Nope, Jimmy nor Juelz was on any song, but on Jimmy's jay-z mock-mixtape, Harlem american gangsta, which came out a day b4 cam's, doesn't feature Juelz or Cam also. So in conclusion, cam didn't dissapoint this time. If anything this was a good tool 2 give the streets somethin and 2 get ready for his upcoming album in 08 which dipset fans will be waitin for. Lets jus see what 50 has 2 say about cam's return, cuz u kno its coming. - KM

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