Thursday, November 8, 2007

D Wade the ladies man, but still married man

From what I'm hearing Dwayne just cant keep it in his pants no homo. He's been linked from everyone to Gabrielle Union, to Ciara. Usually the gossip train runs virtually every celebrities name thorough the mud. But it's when the rumors star to t become consistent that you've got start paying attention.


Rumor has it that Siohvaughn Wade traveled back to Miami from her hometown (Chi-town), where she has been hiding out for a while with their kids, to try to save her marriage. However, we hear that the real reason that Siohvaughn came back to South Florida was to physically confront Dwayne Wade’s latest fling - actress Gabrielle Union. The tipster explained, “Dwayne and Siohvaughn have been trying to work out their marriage, but it’s hard to do that when there are so many thirsty women all up under him.” According to our insider, Dwayne’s intimate relationship with actress Gabrielle Union was one of the main impediments to the couple’s reconciliation. Siohvaughn’s friend explained, “You have to understand, those two were friends. For [Gabrielle] to now be dating [Siohvaughn’s] husband is just plain wrong … So [Siohvaughn] packed her bags and went down [to Miami] with two of her girlfriends from the Chi and they were ready to get crazy.” And according a family member, things were about to get explosive.

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