Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mortal Kombat vs. who...?

If you didn't already know, the good people at Midway have made a deal with -get this- DC comics. That's right. Ten years after Marvel vs. Capcom dropped, we're finally getting Mortal Kombat vs. DC comics. So far there have been a few confirmed characters: Sub Zero, Batman, Scorpion, and Superman. Superman has been powered down due to "magical interferance" so that he can fight evenly. There will be blood but there will not be fatalities. I will keep ya'll updated on the character list as it fills out. Expect MK vs. DC to drop sometime this fall.
Click the title to see the full preview


killa_ki said...

my first thought was "o shit thats gonna be sick"

then i started thinkin some more n i was like "naw, why?" lmao

killa_ki said...

and ps

they aint fuckinwit marvel vs capcom

Zeke said...

Yeah you right, b.