Monday, April 7, 2008

Buck has been kicked out of G-unit

‘You can look at it and see that’s Game [former G-Unit rapper] all the way. I was giving him a chance, giving him the benefit of the doubt [to remain with the group]. You can take this as an official notice right here – pretty much you can say: Young Buck is no longer in the group G-Unit, but signed to G-Unit [Records] as a solo artist’, 50 Cent told DJ Envy, a co-host on the Hot 97 Morning Show with Miss Jones.”

Well are you really surprised?


magic jones says said...

lol niggas had bitchassness written all over them when game hit then with 300 bars and nobody responded lol

killa_ki said...

yea i agree bitchassness was runnin rabid in that camp lol.. shame shame, buck was the hardest one to me no homo

Zeke said...

Aint no arguement there, b. He still wasnt that great of a rapper lol