Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kanye West Homecoming

Damn this dude could of at least showed the Michael Jordan statue...You know your not the only Chi-Town legend right Kanye?


killa_ki said...

So what he wrote a song paying homage 2 ur favorite rapper.. What else do u want from the man lol

magic jones says said...

lmao nigga i want MJ in the damn video!!!sheesh...lol

ps everybodys favorite rapper lol
ki go back 2 the good old days when you use to bump jay...i know you miss it no homo lol

killa_ki said...

lol i fux wit jay no homo

and me n zeke was discussin, we need an idea for our 100th post, its coming up soon..

we was thinkin somethin crazy like rankin the top 100 rappers or some shit

we gone all need 2 put it on it if we decide 2 do that

ps we damn near at 2000 views already

Zeke said...

Why when he was saying "and when I grew up she tought me to go down town" They show Common on the video? lol GAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!