Tuesday, October 30, 2007

T.I. faces the Judge

With the legal problems that t.I. Is goin thru somebody decided 2 create this funny what-would-happen type of convo between him and the judge. I don't know who made it but its funny as hell bcuz I can picture tip wildin out like this

JUDGE: Clifford Harris, in the streets people call you T….

T.I.: (interrupts judge)“Yeah you know they call me T.I., but You Don’t Know Me”!!

JUDGE: According to your past and these new charges, I’d say I know you very well Mr. Harris. What other alias’s do you have?

T.I.: “Rubber Band Man, shawty”

JUDGE: DO NOT call me shorty Mr. Harris!!

T.I.: "Aaight, bruh"

JUDGE: So they call you Rubber band man, huh! Why is that?

T.I.: "Cuz I’m wild as the Taliban, 9 in my right, 45 in my other hand"

JUDGE: You sound like trouble man.

T.I.: "Call me trouble man, im always in trouble man. Worth a couple hundred grand and my Chevy’s all colors man!"

JUDGE: (Pauses)Is that right! Your charged with two felonies — possession of three unregistered machine guns and two silencers, and possession of firearms by a convicted felon.

T.I.: “Whatchu know bout dat!!!”

JUDGE: Mr. Harris, these are serious charges that could land you in jail for 10 years. I saw the weapons you are accused of trying to purc…

T.I.: (interrupts the judge) Well “BRING EM OUT, BRING EM OUT!!”

JUDGE: MR. HARRIS…one more outburst like that and I’ll have you thrown in jail for contempt!! This blatant show of disrespect & type of behavior will not be tolerated in my court room! Ok, since you’re a tough guy, I will bring them out!

T.I.: Hey, hey , hey why you wanna go and do dat judge, huh! HEY, hey why you wanna go and do dat, dat, dat!

JUDGE: In addition to the weapons, you also had a half pound of some good ol sticky icky icky..oops I didnt mean to say that last part out loud! Please remove that comment from the court transcript. How many weapons do you think were in your home Mr. Harris?

T.I.: "24 you knowudimsayin"

JUDGE: Wow! Thats alot of guns

T.I. "Well besides blowin Dro, that’s how ALL my niggaz roll"

JUDGE: That’s some serious fire power, what were you planning on doing with that arsenal?

T.I.: “A nigga try to play me, I’ma blow em off the map ASAP”

JUDGE: So what you’re saying Mr. Harris is that you have total disregard for human life. Were you planning on using them because of the reported incident between you and another group at the Body Tap strip club? Were you in fear for your life?

T.I.: “Your honor, sucka niggaz can’t make me suffer, just make me stronger and tougher (it’s Motivation)

JUDGE: Well maybe this will motivate you to be a better citizen and not a threat to society…10years!
T.I.: What!?

JUDGE: 10 years!

T.I.: What!!

JUDGE: 10 years Mr. Harris!!

T.I.: WHAT!!!!

JUDGE: (Judge looses his composure) 10 mutafuckin years Mr. Harris!! What part of 10 years don’t you understand!

T.I.: “WHAT….AWW HELL NAWW!! It wasn’t me shawty..."I’m Serious", it was Tip! Fuck it I’m snitchin, I aint bout to do no 10 years for that nigga! I aint gone lie, I had a pistol but it was jus some lil shit. Tip manipulated me and told be that “Big Shit was Poppin”, and that I all my lil shit was stoppin. Your honor what was I supposed to do, Tip is violent and looses his temper! You heard what he did to Shaka from DTP the last time I let the light shine on him shawty!”

JUDGE: Mr. Harris, I am NOT your shorty or whatever you call it! You will address me as your honor! Bailiff, please escort Mr. Harris out of the court room.

Bailiff: (Grabs T.I. on the shoulder) Come buddy!

T.I.: "Get ya hands off me shawty, you don’t…know…me" ((bailiff then clubs T.I. over the head with baton))

T.I.: (falls to the ground)Oww, that “Hurt”

Bailiff: (while smirking)“Well then…Watch What You Say To Me!!”

T.I.: "Fuck that shawty, it wuz Tip! Tip set me up so he can get at Tiny…Im da King of da souf knowudimsayin! Yall just want me to die in jail so I can (Live In The Sky)" Hey, hey, hey ((And those was the last wordz uttered from the King before gettin his ass hauled off))

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