Monday, October 29, 2007

Killa Returns!

Well well well, look who's back from like a 6-8 month hiatus.. The hiphop sites have been buzzin with cam alerts and "where's cam'ron" updates all over the place for months. But jus last week killa has came out of hiding and issued this statement to mtv news:

"Killa season again, you little yentas... November 7th. Cam'ron is annonymous. Dipset!"

November 7th is the release date of his upcoming street release, Public Enemy #1. I'm waitin 2 hear this mixtape. I'm waitin 2 hear his thoughts about jim and the whole dipset in ruin mess. Hopefully he put some real effort on this 2-disc. If he comes bakk wit that lazy flow ima be highly upset cuz I'm rootin 4 the homie


Nehemiah said...

"Cam'ron is annonymous"? No nigga! You're not annonymous, you released info to MTV and they got yo name and picture on the article! AND you said your own name in the same breath in which you claim to be annonymous! This nigga done smoked himself retarded...

JAEizF2d said...

Cam'ron wack is fuck..dip set is done. And the winner is....HOVA!