Monday, October 29, 2007

Drama continues in La La Land

Its becoming more and more of a possibility that the face of los angeles sports, the best player in the nba 2day, kobe bryant will be packing his bags and sent 2 chicago.

For who u ask? I have no clue. All I kno is the lakers front office will make a stupid worthless trade again like they did with shaq, without getting a single star in return... smh. Me myself personally is getting ready 2 purchase a #24 chicago red jersey. But its going 2 be really weird going 2 laker games and kobe not their. Last time I was there he scored 62 on the mavs in 3 quarters.......

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Nehemiah said...

I remember that game. The stubs would have been worth money if that nigga didnt score 81 points against the Raptors right after that.

Kobe got some orange as shoes. What would Orion say?
"I dunno, shit is stylin"